Prescribing Collective Experience: The Hellerhof Housing Estate

Mart Stam was commissioned for the design and construction of the Hellerhof Housing Estate in late 1928, as a part of the broader reformist political programme for the “Neue Frankfurt”. The presentation will focus on the particular project of domestic architecture, considering the latter as the realm of mediation between governance and structures of social practice. The Hellerhof Housing Estate undertook an attack against the alienating conditions of an individualized life, instead promoting an experience of collective dwelling. Yet, the project remained incomplete; a condition that has rendered it a failure. The presentation will deliberate on whether it was the modernist design that dismantled its own premises or rather a broader socio-political disintegration that interrupted an otherwise radical project.

A talk by Alexandra Vougia. Part of the Architectural Association’s MA History and Critical Thinking in Architecture  Debates Series : Dis-Locutions: Architecture and the Political. Curated by Marina Lathouri, John Palmesino and Douglas Spencer

Friday 30/1/2015, 14.00, New Soft Room, 36 Bedford Square, London


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