New essay by Ben Noys. Originally presented at the Architectural Association, February 20, 2015.

If ‘Accelerationism’ can be defined as the attempt to punch through the limits of capitalism by accelerating forces of abstraction and technology embedded within contemporary capitalism, then how is this figured through its relationship to the spatial and architectural? Here I want to analyse the variety of spatial and architectural ‘supports’ invoked by accelerationism, across a number of its iterations. In the architectural and spatial moments the accelerated forces of abstraction gain their grounding and instantiation, providing a means to critically assess the articulations of accelerationism. I will focus on the sci-fi imaginary of the urban, especially through the figure of the “jungle,” invoked in the work of Nick Land, the invocations of the global and the abstract by contemporary ‘left’ accelerationists, and Land’s more recent work on temporal loops and the built-environment of Shanghai.In each case I want to examine how the global ambitions of accelerationism are given ‘material’ grounding and the tensions and problems that result.

Read the rest of the essay here: Architectures of Accelerationism text


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